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Residential Property

Buying A House - How Much Does It Cost?

There are various fees involved in buying a house.    To obtain a prompt quotation on buying a house, click here

As well as the solicitor fee, there are a number of fees to be paid to third parties.    The usual fees are the following;

(i) Property Registration Authority

A fee will be payable to the Property Registration Authority to update your records after you buy your property.   Your property will be registered in the Land Registry or the Registry of Deeds.  The fees payable in relation to Land Registry property depend on the value of the property and are as follows:

 Fee Scale for Transfers ( Sale)

Value € Fee €
1-13,000 125
13,001 - 26,000 190
26,001 - 51,000 250
51,001 - 255,000 375
255,001 - 385,000 500
385,001 - 625
Registraton of Mortgage 125

 (ii) Registry of Deeds Fees

  Fee €
Registration of Deed 50
Registration of Mortgage 50
Registration of Vacated Mortgage 20

(ii) Stamp Duty

This is the transfer tax payable to the Government when you purchase the property. The amount of Stamp Duty payable depends on your buyer status and the value of the property.   For Stamp Duty  rates, Click Here

(iii) Engineers Fees

Prior to signing contracts to purchase your property, it will be necessary that you employ an Engineer to ensure that the property you are buying is structurally sound and that the boundaries of the property are in order.   The cost of this depends on the Engineer and on what services he/she will provide.

(iv) Valuation Fee

If you are obtaining a mortgage, your Bank/Lending institution will require a valuation to be carried out by a qualified valuer to confirm that the property will be good security for their loan. It is important to note that a valuation is a structural survey.    The cost of this survey depends on which Bank is giving you a mortgage. 

(v) Law Searchers Fees

It is necessary to carry out law searches on the day the purchase of the property is completed. This will determine whether any judgements or burdens have been registered on the property or against the Vendors. The searches are carried out by a firm of bonded Law Searchers.   The cost of the Law Searchers depends on the type of property you are purchasing.

(vi) Commissioner for Oath fees

It will be necessary have several Statutory Declarations relating to the Family Home sworn before a third party solicitor.   The cost of this is normally €40 or less.

For more information on fees and an exact breakdown of the fees appropriate to your particular purchase, please Contact Us.  






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